WECO Donates Optical Wine Grape Sorter for Research

WECO WineGrapeTek sorter

Check out Washington State University’s news about WECO donating an optical wine grape sorter to their Wine Science Center. This will give their students an opportunity to run experiments comparing sorting methods. The WSU viticulture and enology program director, Thomas Henick-Kling states, “WECO is not only investing in student learning, but also providing technology that will enable WSU researchers to explore the efficiency and variations in resulting wines that different sorting technologies offer.”  The article also talks about WECO’s new, cutting edge technology.  “WECO started doing trials of the optical sorter in the wine industry in 2010 and has made a number of changes to the design and function. Last year, the company introduced a new camera system that improved performance dramatically.  “We design our machines from the ground up, including the circuit boards and our own custom software, and all machines are built in Woodland, Calif.,” said Don Douglas, president of WECO. “We have been able to leverage our extensive experience in other industries to provide a machine to the wine industry that is compact, easy to use and easy to clean. We are excited about the opportunity to serve the wine industry.”  See the link below for the complete article.