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Growth in WECO’s WineGrape Tek Optical Sorter Fleet

The Woodside Electronics Corp (WECO) of Woodland, CA who for the last 35 years has manufactured agricultural optical sorting systems, is pleased to announce their continued expansion into the wine grape sorting arena. Woodside has focused on this segment of the market since 2010 and through extensive engineering and field work, has this year doubled the size of its WineGrapeTek fleet of optical sorters. Says Bryan Chambers, Director of Wine Grape Operations for WECO, “We’re very fortunate to have a fantastic team here at WECO and even more fortunate to have partnered with some very high profile customers in the wine making industry”. Chambers further credits the unmatched, on-site technical support that WECO provides its partners in the field. This support combined with a very flexible sorter rental option and an American made machine, make WECO’s WineGrapeTek an unbeatable sorter in the wine making industry.