The Ever-Evolving Technologies for Blueberry Sorting

The Ever-Evolving Technologies for Blueberry Sorting Sorting technology and automation are hot topics in the berry industry right now. As blueberry production ramps up around the world, companies specializing in this kind of equipment continue to develop new and improved technology. WECO Sorting introduced its first blueberry sorter in 2005. According to WECO’s Vice President Eric Horner, the company was … Read More

Growth in WECO’s WineGrape Tek Optical Sorter Fleet

The Woodside Electronics Corp (WECO) of Woodland, CA who for the last 35 years has manufactured agricultural optical sorting systems, is pleased to announce their continued expansion into the wine grape sorting arena. Woodside has focused on this segment of the market since 2010 and through extensive engineering and field work, has this year doubled the size of its WineGrapeTek … Read More

WECO Donates Optical Wine Grape Sorter for Research

WECO donates optical wine grape sorter for research at UC Davis September 13, 2016 WOODLAND, Calif. – WECO Sorting and Automation Solutions has donated a state-of-the-art optical wine grape sorter worth $71,500 to the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis. After stems are removed from grapes, the sorter removes all material other than grapes (MOG). … Read More

WECO Receives Innovation Award

From IQ 2015: Innovation+Quality Awards Wine Business Monthly’s editorial mission is to help wineries and growers evaluate and successfully deploy innovative, new products. Each month, WBM publishes Bill Pregler’s “What’s Cool” column, where Pregler focuses on an innovative new product; and each year we publish the top Cool Products from the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium as selected by … Read More

WECO Donates Optical Wine Grape Sorter for Research

WECO WineGrapeTek sorter

Check out Washington State University’s news about WECO donating an optical wine grape sorter to their Wine Science Center. This will give their students an opportunity to run experiments comparing sorting methods. The WSU viticulture and enology program director, Thomas Henick-Kling states, “WECO is not only investing in student learning, but also providing technology that will enable WSU researchers to … Read More

A&B Packing Equipment partners with WECO Sorting to approach the European market

August 2014 Global leader in fresh blueberry and tomato packing systems, A&B Packing Equipment announced its strategic partnership with Woodside Electronics Corporation (WECO Sorting) to approach the European market. We have a long and successful history of collaborating with WECO Sorting in North and South America and we intend to apply the same model in Europe. WECO’s BerryTek Soft and … Read More

WECO Included in Nor-Cal 100’s Top Innovative Manufacturer

May 2013, Chico, CA Hosted by Innovate North State, the inaugural American Manufacturing Repatriation Summit displayed manufacturing excellence from Pleasanton to the Oregon border, encompassing most of Northern California’s non-metropolitan region. Innovate North State Managing Director Jon Gregory was pleased at the caliber of manufacturers who were honored at the Summit, stating “the 100 manufacturers that make up the inaugural … Read More