Walnut Moisture Monitoring with

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WalnutTek Moisture Meters

WECO offers a wide range of options beyond simple moisture monitoring, including automation for air doors and fill gates. All moisture meters are available for use individually or in conjunction with the WalnutTek sorter.

Hand-held moisture meter:

This device requires a worker to get a manual reading from each bin. It’s a practical choice for a smaller processor.

Automated moisture meter:

This unit consists of a series of devices installed in walnut bins. The moisture in each bin is displayed at a central location via computer.

Automated moisture meter with door control:

In addition to the benefits of the automated moisture meter, this option features control of the air doors — which allow hot air into the bins to dry walnuts to a preset moisture limit. This control is achieved with pneumatic cylinders that are actuated by an air valve.

When all bins in a row (up to 20) are done, the system shuts down the burner first, followed by the fan. This saves energy and fuel, while also preventing over-drying of the walnuts, which costs weight and money.

Automated moisture meter with door control and bin fill:

Our most comprehensive offering includes automatic fill gate oversight along with moisture monitoring and control of the air doors. Instead of requiring a worker to watch bins as they fill, this device closes the gate automatically when the fill point is reached.


Additional Systems

Sensors & Devices

WECO also offers devices that can enhance the overall energy efficiency of your facility, reducing your fuel consumption — and your costs — by as much as 30%. Our plenum humidity monitors and environmental sensors measure the humidity and temperature in your drying plenum and in your building, as well as outside. We can even use that data to help you design your building and automate the recirculation process.


Our information management system, AgTrack, can help streamline your operation as well. Designed for walnut facilities, the software allows you to record every step of the process — receiving loads, staging loads, cleaning, drying and releasing.

AgTrack also provides more control over your information: Operational data is stored in a database that can be used to create trailer tickets, bin tickets, shipping manifests and customer reports, including drying times.

Users get real-time system access, robust reporting features and exceptional WECO service, along with an intuitive interface.

Other AgTrack advantages:

  • Farm-to-processor traceability
  • Increased efficiency
  • The opportunity to differentiate your product