Pecan Sorting with


Optical Sorting for the Pecan Industry

PecanTek-FS allows for a consistent and controlled delivery of the pecans for maximum scanning capability with our 32-inch vibratory pan/hopper combo. This allows for optimal product control for desired outcomes by utilizing the entire camera field of view. The stainless-steel design makes the unit extremely durable and able to withstand the most challenging environments. Our self-cleaning camera system allows the unit to prevent the buildup of dust and debris during the harvesting process and any harsh environmental facilities. The 64-point air manifold rejects any unwanted material with precise air nozzles to provide a high reject rate.
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The ChromaxHD Advantage


LED Illuminator

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can be found in a wide variety of products today: cars, computer screens, televisions, traffic signals, home and commercial lighting, and even rifle scopes to name just a few. LED advances over the past decade have been driven by the need for more efficient and longer lasting light sources for all types of illumination tasks. LEDs today can output many times the light LEDs could output just a few years ago. The Chromax LED illuminator uses the latest state-of-the-art LEDs for the highest output, reliability and efficiency possible.


The Chromax LED illuminator has no spinning mirrors. In fact, there are no moving parts at all. All alignment and calibration is done at the factory and due to the rigidity of the optic modules, they are unaffected by rough treatment during shipping and operation.


All photographers know that the key to a good photograph is proper lighting to achieve the desired effect. The same is true for optical sorting. The image seen by the sorting camera is very dependent on the nature of the illumination. Unlike laser based systems, the ChromaxHD LED sorting optics generate horizontally diffuse illumination. This minimizes spectral reflections from shiny or wet objects, and the resultant color errors.

Controlled Depth of Field

While being highly diffuse horizontally, the special optics collimates the light vertically. Not only is this a very efficient use of the light generated by the LEDs, it also allows for a controlled depth of field and excellent color calibration without requiring a background surface/roller that must be kept very clean. WECO Free-Space Optics eliminate the need for controlled backgrounds and the associated maintenance.

Full Color Spectrum

ChromaxHD sorters are full spectrum sorters operating over the entire visible and infra-red spectrum. Multiple color spaces are used to make the sorters extremely flexible tools for performing a wide variety of sorting tasks. Modeled after human color perception, the sorter is very intuitive to setup and fine tune in operation.


The WECO ChromaxHD sorters have very low power requirements and do not require active cooling. There is no need for fans or chillers even in ambient temperatures over 100° degrees F.


In the unlikely event a ChromaxHD optic module fails, it can be replaced in a few minutes on site by a WECO technician without requiring alignment or calibration. This limits the risk of lengthy and costly down-time.