Blueberry Sorting

WECO has more than 10 years’ experience providing fresh market sorters to the blueberry industry.  Our state of the art electronic color and soft sorters are the industry standard and used by every major marketing brand in the world.

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Blueberries


The BerryTek system is a color sorter and soft sorter combined in a single unit. The BerryTek efficiently removes under-ripe and over-ripe (soft) berries from a population of good fruit. With two sets of cameras, the BerryTek can analyze 100% more surface area of the fruit, meaning half-ripe berries or half-soft berries can be more effectively identified and removed. This combination translates into a vastly improved pack-out quality with increased throughput.

Impulse Soft Sorter

The IMPULSE Soft Sorter uses a series of 40 dynamic inline sensors that detect soft, over-ripe and damaged berries.

Durability: The Impulse Soft Sorter has been built with the durability that all WECO sorters are known for and can be fully washed down in line; the sensors are impervious to water, cleansers and can be scrubbed clean with a regular brush, all of which minimize down time.

Anti-microbial Technology: The new IMPULSE Soft Sorter has been manufactured with an FDA approved resin that is anti-microbial. Each of the dynamic sensors has been individually manufactured with this anti-microbe resin and makes the soft sorter the safest of its kind in the industry.

Frozen Blueberries

Frozen Blueberries

The Power of ChromaxHD in Process Cleaning Lines

 ProcessTek logo


Pre-IQF:  The WECO ProcessTek Optical Sorter is a single view high capacity sorter, designed specifically for wet line environment before the berries are frozen. With the high speed belt and new ChromaxHD Technology this sorter provides a mission critical sort before freezing.  ProcesTek efficiently removes green and red berries along with over-ripe shrivel berries and  foreign material. Currently available in 40” and 64" widths.

VibeTek logo

Post-IQF:  VibeTek by WECO is a Double View Optical Sorter using a vibratory pan feed delivery system to the optical cameras. No more frozen berries sticking to belts. By using two sets of cameras the VibeTek is able to see 100% more surface area than a single view sorter greatly reducing the number of half green or half red berries. With the advanced algorithms it also is very effective in removing shrivel berries. VibeTek is a high capacity optical sorter and provides a critical final clean-up sort after an IQF tunnel or used for repacking frozen berries in the off season. Currently available in 40” width.